Creativity is the key: How to lead the race of the social media game?

A few manage to control themselves and stay away from scrolling online. Then come the two types of people on social media; creators and consumers.

The virtual world has turned into a gold mine for businesses. One of the most common ways to promote your brand online is by creating an account on the most popular social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Each has its unique features and can be used in different ways.

Social Media Strategy: Why and How

A social media strategy outlines your business goals, oversees the steps you will need to take to reach those goals, and the tools and technology to support the implementation of your strategy.
Clearly defining where you want your business to go will help you see the steps to get there.

Get More Customers: If you have a physical store, you might be concerned about how to get new customers to walk in. With social media, the possibilities are limitless. Within our hands, we hold the most powerful prospecting tool on the planet. The phone, yes, that little device in our hands that we are guilty of spending, on average, 17 years of life on. We can reach a broad audience with just a couple of clicks and have millions of mini-sales agents prospecting new customers on our behalf around the clock. The online economy doesn’t stop; you can reach any height, depending on your budget and creativity.

Advertisements: Hundreds of social media platforms can help you advertise your products on the web. Advertising on Facebook can give you access to over a billion daily users, and their advanced algorithms will ensure your ad is aimed at the right audience. Another popular social media platform for promotions is Instagram or TikTok, where advertisers can reach a younger audience—those who tend to spend more money. Youtube is another great platform to attract a wider demographic group. It can have other advantages, such as free SEO traffic for your website if you can optimise your video descriptions and tags correctly.

Boosting brand visibility: Using social media channels can also increase brand awareness among your target demographic and beyond. For example, let’s talk about TikTok, the fastest-growing platform with more than 1 billion users. Trends like #WhatTikTokMadeMeBuy say enough about the return on investment you can leverage on that platform. To make your first steps into social media a more fruitful experience, reach out to our team, and we can help you create a strategic plan moving forward.

Whatever the goals you have set for your social media marketing strategy, make sure you remember the basics: Who is your target audience? What kind of content do they want to see on your social media pages? What kind of tone do you want to use? Which social media platforms are the most popular for your business? When developing a solid social media strategy for your business, these are some questions you should ask yourself.

Colour Outside The Lines

Creativity significantly promotes your brand and raises your business’s awareness. As much as setting a strategy will help you thrive faster, going off script might sometimes be the best way to humanise your brand.

Setting your goals and overseeing your social media journey is the best way to start. However, don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines. As the market grows, the competition is aggressive. Some would say that so many businesses are trying to sell something online, and starting now, it’s just not worth it.

That’s something we argue. The competition is high, but this virtual world is endless. There’s always room to grow. And if you are daring enough to take the unconventional route (while keeping in mind your goals), it might differentiate you from the competition and lead you to success.

For example, most businesses work very hard to shorten their copy; that’s the smart way since people don’t read online; they skim. BUT, if you offer a very specialised product or service that benefits a specific audience, ask yourself: is this information something they benefit from in their day-to-day life or for a particular problem? If you lean more toward the second one, sharing in-depth educational pieces might be better than short-form generalised content. It might also not. The idea is that although your business probably isn’t for everyone, the goal is to connect and build a lasting relationship with the right people.

Be creative. Test and analyse. Sometimes it will work, and sometimes it will not. In the end, you have more data on what your audience enjoys.

How to be More Creative?

When creativity is mentioned, there are times when imposter syndrome will appear. Am I a creative person? Is this something I can do since I’m not that artsy?

Some people have an eye for art and detail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be that either.
Learn and be curious: one of the principles of Amazon Web Services. Curiosity and a willingness to learn will give you more ideas when approaching problems. Even techy people understand the importance of exercising your creative muscles. So be curious and know what’s working for other businesses, even outside your niche, actually mostly outside your niche. For example, you might get inspired by a Q & A or even a funny video that looks like it’s performing well. Get ideas and then adapt to your customers and brand.

The competition also comes with a pool of inspiration and information you can learn from.

Social media marketing is a dynamic world. New features and the number of recent trends might overwhelm you. So, define your goals and set a simple plan that you’ll stick to achieve them. After that, have fun, test, and experiment until you find what works best for you.