If you haven’t noticed the surge in popularity of online video content, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. From stories to reels, videos are everywhere.

The most significant impact has been TikTok. Google suggests that nearly 40% of Gen Zs prefer using TikTok and Instagram for searching over Google. These numbers have even pushed Google to enhance and adapt its features based on customer behaviours. And Google’s not the only one.

Instagram’s algorithm favours video content, especially reels. Facebook not only pushes video content to the top of everyone’s page but also offers in-depth analytics for businesses who want to see their performance. LinkedIn also seems to be favouring video, showing that video content is not only for entertainment but works wonders for B2B.

This trend, which is here to stay, has pushed businesses to amp up their skill set and focus on producing engaging and quality video content.

They have a good reason to do so, and here is why.

The benefits of video marketing

So, what’s making videos the most popular of the bunch?

The benefits of video marketing are immense. The sooner you set up a video content strategy, the sooner you’ll benefit from its advantages.

Increase lead generation

Hubspot suggests incorporating videos into your service or product pages can increase conversions by 144%. Yes, you read that right.

An explanatory video lets you fully explain your service or product and showcase your brand identity. On the other hand, a visitor can turn very fast into a lead with a simple piece of explanatory content instead of going through your whole website.

Video content is engaging for customers, and by incorporating it on product and service pages, you may significantly increase conversions and purchases.

Google search engines love videos

This is no surprise. When searching on Google, videos appear right at the top. Helping searchers find their information faster and easier. Those have been very helpful for most of us – we have all been guilty of jumping over the first video that appears in the search engines.

That’s why investing in video marketing will help get your business to the top of Google’s page. Of course, only if you make an effort to ensure that your video content is SEO optimised. An eye-catching title with a significant and relevant thumbnail and high-quality content may bring a lot of organic traffic to your site, boosting your ranking and views. The right curated content will turn the Gods of Google to your side.

Optimise your email with a video

Incorporating video into your email marketing may help engage, educate, and persuade your recipients.

When words aren’t enough, videos can help attract the attention of an audience that prefers to acquire information visually. As a result, you have the opportunity to make difficult issues more appealing to your audience.

To help you increase the chance of getting a reply, try attaching a video to your next campaign and thank us later. Here is the spoiler: It will increase the likelihood of getting responses and even decrease that unsubscribe rate.

Reach more customers

Video content has made its way into most social media managers’ schedules. Short videos are the most popular, and in this fast-paced, changing world, that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Videos are easy to consume, making them the most shared type of content. That’s why they make it so easy to attract a broader audience. With more and more people maneuvering online with a phone, the reel type of video is turning into the most powerful storytelling tool. That’s helping businesses and influencers to reinforce their voice and reach more customers.

Even video ads are performing better than any other type of content. Making those $$$ count and increasing the ROI.

Videos build your company’s personality online, which leads to the last advantage of video content marketing (for now).

Enhance your Brand Identity and Engage your Audience

The competition is high with so many evolving businesses online. There are a lot of tips on how to grow your presence online, and everyone looks like they are trying everything.

When it comes to choosing the best investment for your enterprise, it is not easy. So you might still be wondering, why invest in video content marketing?

Due to this aggressive competition, your customers are overwhelmed with the number of ads, pitches, and emails they get daily. However, there is so much you can do to personalise your message and let your creativity loose when it comes to video.

Even if everyone in the world is doing it, there is still room to be unique with the right voice and brand personality. Humanising your brand is the best investment you can make these days, and the tool to do so is with a type of content that engages, entertains, and speaks (literally) directly to your ideal customer.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then maybe a video is worth billions. So how to curate a compelling video, you may ask.

Our team can help set the right tone and voice for your brand, all while optimising the videos with the latest trends. From the concepts to production and distribution, we do it all around here.